Loving God & Loving Others


Believing in God’s Word and Spirit

The International Gospel Church was founded in May of 1998.  The Church first met in a Classroom in the Basement of the Harvard School of Education building in Cambridge, Massachusetts.   An Inauguration Ceremony and Installation of Pastors was held in 1999 at the Christian Life Center in Cambridge, MA presided over by Archbishop Zachary Kakobe.  The Archbishop ordained three Ministers, Reverend Jared Mlongecha, Reverend Isaac Balinda and the Late Reverend Douglas Whitlow.

In 2000, the Church moved to Chelsea, Massachusetts.  The first location in Chelsea was at 134 Chestnut Street where we shared a sanctuary with the Church of God. We worshipped there from 2000 to 2002.  We then relocated to another shared venue at Webster Avenue in Chelsea where we stayed for another two years.  In 2004, the Church moved again to the attic of the Community Center on Shawmut Street also in Chelsea.  We worshipped there for another two years before moving to the Church’s current location 85 Crescent Avenue in Chelsea of which the Church has been worshipped for the last twelve years.  These were the humble beginnings.

Since its start, the International Gospel Church has been holding Annual Conferences similar to this one in the month of May during the Memorial Day weekend.  The very first was held in a Classroom at Harvard.  At each Conference we have invited and hosted Ministers and Gospel artists from across the globe.  The Church has participated in different missions both evangelistic and humanitarian in different parts of the world namely Canada, Haiti, Burundi, Tanzania, DRC, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

  • In 2003, a team of missionaries from the Church led by Pastor Mlongecha went to the Congolese refugee’s camps in Kigoma, Tanzania taking with them food aid.
  • In 2010, after the tragic earthquakes in Haiti that had claimed many lives and left thousands homeless and destitute, the Church sent a team with relief aid.
  • Subsequently, in 2011 another team from the Church ventured a benevolence visit to Maweni Hospital in Kigoma Tanzania during Christmas time and distributed clothes to children of all ages.
  • Once again in 2015 during the wars in Burundi, a multitude of Burundians had fled to a tiny village in Tanzania called, Kagunga. This village not only was flooded with people beyond its capacity. A tremendous need emerged in every area of human basic needs. The Church together with other concerned groups raised funds to provide different aid like food and clean drinking water. Currently, IGC is supporting a building of a maternity ward in a hospital in Kagunga village.

IGC  Evangelistic Efforts

The International Gospel Church has sent teams led by Pastor Mlongecha, to various Gospel seminars and crusades. In 2010, there were three massive evangelistic crusades in Bujumbura Burundi, Congo Kinshasa and Lubumbashi. In 2011 another crusade was done in Matero Stadium Lusaka Zambia and in 2013 another crusade at the Rexal Stadium in Toronto Canada. In addition to bringing the Gospel to the nations, for the last three years, the Church has been involved in an evangelistic mission in Uganda popularly known as “November Blessing” organized Christ Heart Church in Kampala Uganda.

While the Church has had great opportunities to be a vessel for God to use among nations, we have also been active in our own local communities.  Among the many things that the Church has done, we have taken part in an annual Evangelistic Outreach popularly known as “Reach the Beach” that is done during the summer months at Revere Beach.  Every August, the Church has taken part in a Chelsea citywide Churches community outreach effort, where the Churches unite together and buy a truck full of food and supplies and distribute to the community members in need.  Our youth have taken the front seat and spearhead different youth outreach programs that attracts youths from different communities from Chelsea and beyond.  Some of the youth programs that have gain popularity in our community include Youth Jams, Youth Explosions and Youth seminars that are aiming at empowering youths from all walks of life and guide them to identify their God given gifts and talents and support them to put them to the use that will glorify God.

Another program that the Church has taken to heart and has done faithfully for the last five years is a special celebration and support to widows and orphans among us. This even is done every October and people are invited from all corners to come and celebrate widows and orphans as well as bringing support to them as it is commanded by God.

Lastly, it is with great accolade to God that we are pleased to share what God has done among the women of this Church. Women, who have been the backbone of this Church, the ones that have carried the task of nurturing the Church body as it is their nature and serving God with all they have as it is their passion finally started to have their annual women conference last year.

This year, as they are hosting their 2nd annual Women’s conference, we are truly grateful to God for what He has done through the women of this Church. Through the ups and downs of the Ministry and people as a whole, women have always been there. Today, we are celebrating them as they are front liners of this ministry.  We continue to thank God because he has truly been our Ebenezer!

The Lord has done this and it is marvelous in our sight. Mark 12:11